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ZoneAlarm Pro is a popular anti-virus program that detects and removes viruses
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Zone Alarm Pro is a powerful award-winning personal firewall software. Along with its effective and easy-to-use firewall and security features, the program includes anti-spyware protection to ensure that your computer remains safe and will not be affected by internet attacks. The main purpose of the program is to protect your computer from dangerous traffic so, by default, it completely blocks the access to your computer. However, you can add computers to the Trusted list, so they can have free access to your files. The program also includes a privacy control feature, which assures you that your personal information remains safe and private; you can manage your cookies, block ads and also mobile objects, such as java applets, ActiveX components, among others, which can contain malicious scripts that could harm your computer. Moreover, the firewall configuration and maintenance are incredible easy to use, with a simple and stylish interface. The suite also includes an anti-virus scanner, a cookie cleaner, ad and pop-up blockers and new anti-spyware tools. With this incredible security software you can be sure that your computer is fully protected from all threats.

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